Own A Piece Of Music History!

Own A Piece Of Music History!

Terms of use

Terms and conditions
for the website

1) Scope
People (Privat persons), artists, musicians,bands and companies can purchase a music sampler from 2 German artists (20 songs) on this website
Buyers can register with a picture and other brief information and the information they enter will be saved and published in the following media:
a) on the website
b) Possibly in an e-book (and possibly a printed book) when a certain number of entries have been reached

2) Changes to the Terms of Use
The provider is entitled to make changes to the service description or the general terms and conditions and other conditions. The provider,, will only make these changes for necessary reasons, in particular new technical developments, changes in case law or other equivalent reasons.

3) Subject of the contract
Products can be purchased on the provider's website that may be related to each other:
- 2 music albums as download (2 artists each with an album, a total of 20 songs)
- Entries (advertisements) that visitors to the provider site can make after a purchase
The minimum requirement for entry is the purchase of the download product bundle provided. After purchasing one of the products provided, the user has the opportunity to make their own entry in the category they have chosen.
The entry can be made in one of 3 areas:
1. People (private individuals)
2. Artists, musicians, bands
3. Company
The name, (optional for “people”) URL, country and language of the advertiser are entered under the individual headings, as well as a categorization according to specific areas for artists, musicians, bands and companies.
Uploading a picture of the person or artist or the company or a logo of the company is mandatory for the registrant.

4) Publication of entries
The entries will be published in different places as follows:
On the provider's website in the order of a maximum of 100 images per page
After 10 million paid advertisements have been registered, the provider will also publish a book in PDF format or possibly as a printed version, which will be available for purchase.
The provider is free to provide other media with the entry content, to use it for its own use, to sell or to lend it out.
The provider can also exhibit and lend the above-mentioned publications, especially in books, to museums or comparable locations.
The user is free to distribute and publish the entries and transmitted images in other social media on subpages or other social presences. Every visitor to the provider's online platform is entitled to this right by using the corresponding social media plug-ins.
In particular, the user grants, for the contractual purposes and corresponding individually contractually bound products, the non-exclusive, globally transferable or sublicensable right for the provider to use material, images and other materials and their content provided as part of online advertising and, if applicable, associated booked services integrate it into other advertising platforms, display it or publish it there and make it accessible to the public and closed user groups. In particular, the provider also has the right to reproduce the above advertising materials for these purposes.

5) Purchase, registration and processing of personal data
The use of the service provided requires the purchase of a product bundle, as stated on the provider website.
After purchasing the product(s) via the reseller Digistore24, the user receives a download link and a unique access link to one of the above-mentioned entry categories for his purchase. The user selects the entry page and can make his entry independently, which cannot be changed. After entry, the link for the individual entry page loses its validity.
The entry can only be changed by contacting the provider using the contact form or email message.
A variety of entries and purchases are available to the user. The entry made by the user is checked by the provider for compliance with the agreed conditions upon entry before release. The provider is entitled to check the legality of the media, files and content intended for publication by the advertiser, including the links to other websites, and to reject it in whole or in part, i.e. not to publish the advertisement if it contains illegal or immoral content of section 6) or violates the rights of third parties.
The user is not obliged to make entries after purchase.

6) Content requirements for posted advertisements
The user is obliged to place each advertisement in the appropriate category and to describe their respective offer truthfully and with a meaningful, truthful image and to post this.
If the user acts as a consumer, he must observe the general legal rules. If the user acts as an entrepreneur, he confirms that he is using the advertisement as a commercial provider or independently or for other business purposes and is therefore subject to special legal and statutory regulations. The user is obliged, among other things, to fulfill the legal information obligations and, in particular, to provide a complete provider identification that meets the legal requirements on the linked URL.
The user is obliged to design the materials provided and their content in such a way that it does not violate legal regulations, official prohibitions or common decency. In particular, the user will ensure that none of his images, information or content on the page to which he links violates the following provisions:
- pornographic content
- inadmissible offers
- Propaganda means or signs of unconstitutional organizations
- Depictions that incite hatred or glorify violence
- incites racial hatred, glorifies war or promotes a terrorist organization
- incites you to commit a crime
- defamatory statements or representations
- is anti-competitive
- contains other illegal content or is generally likely to impair the reputation of the provider

7) User Obligation
The user ensures that he holds the freely available usage rights to the uploaded image documents and transfers these to the provider without limitation, in particular for entry in book documents to be produced.
The user agrees and grants permission for the image provided, the registered name, the categorization of his entry, the country and language entered by him as well as the URL on the provider's website, possible subpages or other media the provider uses, can and may be published by the provider for an indefinite period of time.
The user ensures that all copyrights to the image documents submitted are available for publication in book documents to be created and can be transferred to the provider for use as described above.
The user is liable to the provider for claims that arise against the provider due to unlawful use of transferred rights of use.

8) Benefits
The provider undertakes, in accordance with these terms of use, to ensure that the products or entries offered are delivered for publication within the contractually agreed framework and for the contractually agreed duration.
The duration and duration of the provider's project is planned for an indefinite period. If circumstances arise that make it necessary for the provider to switch off or change the offer, the offer can be switched off at any time.
The provider is entitled to edit the image material provided in terms of format, size and technical properties if this appears necessary for the delivery of the image material and is reasonable for the user.
The music and images offered for download on the provider's website are protected by copyright.

9) Prices
The pricing can be found in the provider's current offer on the website

10) Contractual partners
The product is sold via the so-called reseller Digistore24.
Digistore24 is an online sales platform that offers an integrated online shop, the most important payment methods, accounting simplifications including tax automation and an affiliate network.
When purchasing a Digistore24 product, the contractual partner will use the General Terms and Conditions (SGB) provided by the reseller Digistore24.

The purchase of the services mentioned here is largely possible worldwide via the above-mentioned method (via Digistore24), with the exception of the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK.
Anyone from these countries who would like to take part in the project should contact the provider directly by email at:

11) Application of law
The terms of use are available in German, English and other languages. The language version other than German is a purely linguistic translation. The applicability of the law follows the German version.

12) Severability clause
Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be or become invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. The parties undertake to replace such an ineffective provision with an effective provision that corresponds to what the parties would have agreed, taking into account the purpose of the contract, had they been aware of the invalidity of these provisions when the contract was concluded. This also applies in the event of regulatory gaps.